Membership Facilities

The Library offers a blend of Electronic and printed material Which includes:
  • An access to 18 Top Databases via login Password
  • You can explore 130,000 E-books
  • You can explore 20,000 Full Journals
  • You can access to more than 200,000 articles online
Other facilities
You will receive number of emails on daily basis which includes:
  • Book of the Day
  • Selected Articles from National and International Newspapers
  • Full access journal
  • Best-selling Magazines
  • Fresh Arrivals
  • Conference/Seminar/Public Talk Invitations held at ISSI
Mandatory items for Membership
  • Two 1x1 Photographs
  • ID Card attested Copy
  • Library membership duly filled
  • A nominal charges on annual basis
Who can avail Membership
  • M. Phil/Ph. D Scholars of any university in Pakistan
  • Graduates /Undergraduates scholars of any university in Pakistan
  • All teaching faculties in Pakistan and abroad
  • All foreigners on request basis, if approved by the higher authority
For more Information, please contact Library Officer
  • Name : Abid Hussain
  • Designation: Library Officer
  • Phone No: 0519206908
  • Email: